01 October, 2006

Indian Expats - share your Dubai story

Hi, everyone. I have posted here and on my blog before about how I am a PhD student from the US doing research on the Indian community in Dubai.

If you are an Indian expat who has spent a significant portion of your life here and is willing to be interviewed anonymously for a potential book project, please email me at nehavora1 at gmail dotcom. I'll just need about 30 minutes of your time, and you'll get a free coffee out of it and maybe even end up in print one day!

If you want more info about my interests, please feel free to ask away here or via email, and visit my blog which talks about what I have been up to in Dubai so far, among other things.



Anonymous said...

what about the indian life in Dubai...are another looser looking for faults in a country your people chose to live in

nativeinformant said...

I'm not sure I quite understand your comment, but I think you are assuming I am looking for faults. Why make that assumption? I just want to talk to people and get their stories. If that is so threatening to you, you need to ask yourself why.

blogrosh said...
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blogrosh said...

Anon - I do not think nativeinformant is looking for faults with the UAE. She is collecting material on experiences from second/third generation expats, for use with her research.

And one more thing - not everyone "chooses" to live in the UAE. For some like my brothers, friends & I - "choosing" to live in a land, where we took our first breath (at birth) - a place where we've lived most of our lives - a place I have felt "home" within my heart is not a - choice!

I do not live in the UAE any longer, however, there isn't a single day, I do not miss "home" a single day when I do not think of home, a single day, I do not make a telephone call home - and a single year, where I haven't taken all my vacation to visit "home" - so you see this is not a "choice" some of us have a "choice" to "choose"!

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