02 October, 2006

Life is Petty?

After a small, petty fight I got involved in with family members, slowly, and very quietly I slid away to my tiny room while rage in me was building like crashing waves, as I wanted to be included withà (و الكاظمين الغيظ). I flicked on the T.V. with no desire whatsoever accept to keep my mind off the matter. As I stared blindly at the empty screen, I instantly grasped the gravity of the topic: mbc1- 5awa6er Shabab with A7mad Shogeery. There will be no more dense topic to a Muslim than the "end", in Arabic referred to more appropriately as {هادم اللذات} In an instant my body gave away to a queer shudder, as a young footballer, full of life, full of energy playing on the field, suddenly collapsed. Suddenly. There were three other clips of others who were taken by the suddenness of death but this first one shocked me to my roots.

Did you think, like me, that you're, like me, too young?? Or that there will be signs?? That you, like me, have time??

I urge you to watch the show and to think of it, deeply.

death is Eminent, how did you prepare for it?


confused said...

Did you think, like me, that you're, like me, too young?? Or that there will be signs?? That you, like me, have time??

Huh? Say that again please. Sorry, I don't get the point of this whole post and if someone could translate the arabic that'd be great.

Mme Cyn said...

pRoUd: Not to patronize, but I would assume you're under 25. Teens and young adults really have little concept of their own mortality, which is why they tend to take a lot of risks and not to plan very concretely for the future. As you age, you will grow more comfortable with the idea that you will die, and only if you're lucky will you know far enough in advance to really prepare yourself for it. It's part of life. Don't let it scare you.

EmiratesBaby said...

I would have to agree that life is too short, and that many people live as if they will live forever. While we should always live, life to the fullest, we should also remember that we are never promised tomorrow. :-)

pRoUd said...

mme cyn guess you lost the whole point, whether or not i'm under 25 isnt the matter. It's weird though that the reverse happened to me, when I was young I really never cared if I lived another day or not, and I did grasp the concept of death even at that time. But, the older I grew the more "attached" I got to this life! or as i like to think about it, the older i become, the more responsible, the more prone I am to fall in pits, etc...
Anyhows: my point was that "I" was deeply affected by the scene, the whole world saw how that guy fell down, and moments before he was laughing. It just bring you fce to face with your own mortality.
But then, some of you living in Dubai perhaps have dodged death a couple of times on the busy roads and thus became immune to it. Anyways, take it anyway you want, point is clarified I hope.

pRoUd said...

confused: it's about death. and the arabic was given in English too.

Emirates baby: very true.

Fizza said...

Death is the only reality in our illusioned future, yet the only time we really feel close to death is when someone else dies. And as life moves on, we slowly corner ourselves into that part of us which is convinced we're immortal.

dredge said...

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iwiwag said...

Life is pretty if your a HOT girl !!!!

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