02 October, 2006

UAE dOwn at 77

The Wolrd Bank's economic ranking list on 'Ease of Doing Business' ranked UAE at 77. Saudi which stood at 38 held the heightest rank amongst the GCC countries. So I wonder why not the leaders start competing on such rankings instead of tall buildings.

The rankings are very comprehensive and formulate the list based on a diversified set of characteristics like; Starting a business, Dealing with licenses, Employing workers etc.
I found this a very educative ranking list with a lot of useful resources and explanations. So let us be educated and share our experiences to make the best choice for our businesses and our future.

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Lirun said...

its an interesting site the world bank site.. i sometimes wonder how accurate the institution's actions are..

there is a curious opportunity to submit questions with respect to 2 papers recently released..


i encourage people to voice there opinions.. too often the world complains that only europe and the usa's voices are heard through the international institutions.. if you have a view please voice it..

40 minutes to the end of my fast.. entering my 25th hour.. barely holding up.. i think i can i think i can ;)


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