05 October, 2006

Oily Quagmires

Sports Illustrated doesn't seem too happy about Dubai luring top tennis players with truck loads of cash, but more sensibly points out that players like Shahar Peer will not be permitted to play in Dubai because of her nationality.

Does it also mean an Israel-less Olympics in 2016 if Dubai or Qatar pull off an unlikely win?


foo said...

Intresting point

Brn said...

What is up with the quotes around the word Israel on the Dubai Tourism page? (i.e 'Nationals of “Israel” may not enter the U.A.E.')

Anonymous said...

Who cares about cnn

Tim Newman said...

It will be a condition of hosting the Olympics that they allow Israelis to participate. When Dubai hosted the IMF a couple of years back, this was also a condition of their doing so.

Tim Newman said...

What is up with the quotes around the word Israel on the Dubai Tourism page?

The government of Dubai does not recognise the legitimacy of the state of Israel.

Anonymous said...


Music is way ahead of sport... take a look, if you will, of performers allowed previously.

If you will, take a look at movies passed that appeared unpassable....

Of the practise of getting an Israeli stamp on a piece of paper...

Of the fact that like most other things this shitty practices is only evoked when "required".

"Be Seeing You"

Take care,


blogrosh said...
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blogrosh said...

I am a tennis fan/freak, however, I am no fan of SI's Jon Wertheim - the guy spews provocative sentiments (at times well hidden) via his editorials – much like his editorial and responses to readers at SI.

Click the link blow and read his thoughts on foreign players based in the US, who choose to play for their nation of birth – the guy thinks, because they’ve had the opportunity to succeed in being successful tennis players, they owe the US their soul?


There is never a free lunch - hence if say, a Dmitry Tursunov/Maria Sharapova or Tatiana Golovin supposedly were no good tennis players - dear Jon perhaps wouldn't, be writing his crappy editorial!!

He seems like another ignorant, self centered & provocative -"God Bless America" republican?

dredge said...

if she was half as hot as sharapova or mirza may be they would allow her in!

abdulla ghassan almirri said...

but yet UAE passports are valid for all countries of the world . according to my passport.

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