04 October, 2006

Missing asterisks

Please find and bring back the missing asterisks that tell us when a new item's been posted.

That's one of the very best features of this brilliant site.


trailingspouse said...

Is that what they're for? I thought they denoted members of the Community blog. I've always pointed my cursor to the blog name to see if it's been updated or not. Having said that it doesn't work for all of them. Grapeshisha's for one . . . and now mine too since yesterday :(

nzm said...

I think that something's screwy with the Blogroll Update feature.

Maybe the Blog Mods can spread some additional light on this?

I miss it too, as it's a convenient way of being able to see at a glance which blogs have been updated with new posts.

samuraisam said...

The blog updating stuff is pretty innaccurate and there is sadly nothing anyone can do to fix it.

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