04 October, 2006

surf's up people!

hello from your israeli surfy member.. a while ago i asked what you guys knew of the surf conditions in your region.. well it seems things may be cooler than you realised..

to me this looks like very dreamy waters.. i strongly encourage you to check it out!

shalom from telaviv
and ramadan kareem


Kiwi Boy said...

Jumeirah beach has way too many little people swimming in the water on weekends to surf in it. Sharjah and Ajman beaches aren't very clean.
I guess the other beaches are better.. maybe the ones near the Oman border.

Lirun said...

what are the waves like?

Kiwi Boy said...

They don't go very high, I've noticed. But still, surfable material.

Lirun said...

do u surf?

my mates from north island used to surf black sand beaches all the time just out of auckland.. i visited once.. was very cool indeed..

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