04 October, 2006


By Ullrich Fichtner in Dubai

Dubai has sold its soul to globalization like few cities have. A glittering capitalist fantasyland has taken shape at the heart of the Arab world. It's a center of international trade, a holiday paradise and a carnival rolled into one.

  • Las Vegas in the Arabian Desert

    Tim Newman said...

    Only a complete twat would describe Dubai, being totally devoid of casinos, as a Las Vegas. There isn't even much neon in Dubai. Reminds me of the idiot who called Moscow the Las Vegas of the East.

    These people have no imagination and instead just wheel out tired old cliches evey week.

    Woke said...

    Why do these writers have to portray Dubai as some enigmatic land in another planet?

    Almost all of them go to the Burj Al Arab, see a few cranes and vent their frustration on not being able to write an spy thriller in the 80's.

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