04 October, 2006

You read it here first!

Gulf News Article

So the three wise men in the East also agree with me that it would have been impossible to have seen the crescent of the new moon on the 22nd September as I said in this post.

I told you so!

Seems that our long held suspicions that Ramadan is called when it best fits in the weekend might have some credence.


Anonymous said...

Maybe it has more to do with when the next Eid falls - with the original expected date for Ramadan it was due to start on Decemebr 31st. Can you imagine the chaos if there had to be no alcohol or partying in Dubai on the 31st December?

sky said...

So now we know when Eid will start :)The end of Ramadan will be announced on the 22, as it cannot be announced on the 23 (would make for a 31-day month)

We will have a nice, long weekend!

Mme Cyn said...

Shhhhh! We're not supposed to let on thatwe know.... ;^)

shansenta said...

Whay Ramadan, brother.... if you carefully trackback EID, and other holidays of teh year for the apst few years, you'd be surprised by your discovery.... Try it out!

Seabee said...

HMHB I thought of you when I read the article. We should campaign for you to be on the moon-sighting committee...

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